#1        Onboarding & Orientation

Onboarding is the first impression for every newly hired employee.  Proper communication and processes during this time are key.  Employees should receive proper information on company policies & procedures, introductions to the key people for their job & support through the first 90 days.


#2        Training & Development

Training is important so that employees can acclimate to a new job. Ensure that training manuals and procedures are updated and communicated regularly.  Provide opportunities for employees to learn new skills and information to both better themselves for the organization & personally.


#3        Competitive Compensation Programs

Compensation programs include wages and benefits of all types such as healthcare, bonus structures and incentives.  It is important that every organization completes a market analysis to determine if its compensation program is competitive at least every 2-3 years.


#4        Voluntary Benefit Programs

Voluntary benefit programs are an excellent way to provide employees benefits that cost the organization little to nothing at all!  Programs can be developed specifically for the organization populations and options are endless!!


#5        Communication & Trust

Leaders in the company should be transparent with how the organization is functioning and challenges that it may be facing.  Leaders can create trust by following through on what they say and/or admitting when mistakes happen.


#6        Set Expectations & Follow them

Ensure that employees know what is expected at all times and follow them as company leaders.


#7        Rewards & Teamwork

Incentive rewards and programs can be low cost but create an environment where employees are excited to go to work every day.  Team events are important for employees to not only interact with one another but also with leadership




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